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Optimal will work with the client to develop the overall design including layout, finishes and all specifications, colors, lighting, interior elevations, and architectural features.  Our successful experience provides answers to the most important design questions for any type of facility.   

New Design

How does successful design maximize sales and retention? How do you create an inspiring design while working with your budget? How do you decide what to offer and get the most use of your space? Having designed hundreds of new facilities of all sizes, Optimal can make a substantial difference in optimizing your goals.


What should you prioritize in a renovation – what changes make the most difference in achieving your goals? How can a renovation totally reinvent your brand? Optimal has made dramatic transformations of facilities resulting in substantial increases in profits.


What are the best opportunities for you to take in moving forward with new or existing facilities? How can you best set goals that will optimize what you spend, strengthen competitive position and future success? The ODSI team can work with you with virtual consultation or on-site visits to help you make valuable decisions for any type of operation.

Site Analysis

Can an existing space work for your new club? Does a particular piece of land work for the club you desire to build? ODSI has reviewed thousands of spaces and can help you make the right decision for your new project.

Our Specializations

The goal of any fitness and wellness environment is to help empower the users to feel good about what they are doing.  This experience of empowerment is a substantial reason for people to want to come back again and again.  The creative combination of well-planned out space, equipment, finishes, lighting, and architectural features will result in more satisfied customers.

Commercial Fitness

Optimal is known for “profit designing” by creating exciting designs while getting the most value from dollars spent. The end results are clubs that people love to use and keep coming back again and again, thereby maximizing sales and retention.


Optimal understands how a successfully designed spa with its traditional and latest therapy treatments can best serve the growing need for a positive physical, mental and spiritual experience. Our team works with your vision, brand and menu of services and programs to create a unique spa experience in beautiful and meaningful surroundings.

Multi-Family Fitness

Now more than ever, people are staying/ working at home, and a well thought out fitness amenity can have a major impact on attracting your target markets for your residences. The Optimal team will work with your space, budget and brand to create an exciting facility. Issues such equipment selection, program offering, safety and noise abatement are successfully addressed.

Country Clubs

Beautiful state-of-the-art fitness and wellness centers are becoming one of the most important amenities to a country club, it’s members and even real estate values. Optimal knows how to work with the country club team to create a beautiful tailor- made facility meeting all the needs of its members.

Corporate Fitness

We know that fitness and wellness centers will be a key component for companies wanting to motivate employees to work in their corporate environment. ODSI understands how to work with your budget and space to provide functional and exciting facilities. Optimal addresses design variables including programs that cater to the demographics of your work force, equipment selection, technology, safety, noise abatement and how to maximize the usage of the center.

Medical Offices

Healthcare design is evolving into more inspiring and uplifting environments and Optimal can work with your practice to develop a specifically tailor-made, functional and meaningful environment.

Hotel and Resorts

A beautifully designed fitness amenity can substantially add to your brand and competitive position. Optimal can work with your space and budget to create an exciting and safe facility that will leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Creative Solutions that make Commercial Sense

Our design team is looking forward to speaking with you about your project!

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