3 Key Elements for Successful Fitness Center Design

What do you think makes for successful facility design in health clubs and gyms? It is important to consider in your planning what the future holds for the health and wellness industry. 

In this video, Bruce Carter, Founder & CEO of Optimal Design Systems International focuses on three key elements for successful clubs. 

First: Let's Look at Aesthetics.

How inviting is the environment in the facility? This is a must and a valuable aspect when looking at the overall feel or the space. Remember that a health club promotes exercise and well-being yet the majority of the population isn’t exercising regularly.

This perception is changing and will improve. Specially now, after the pandemic, as most people understand the value of staying active physically. 

Second: Does Your Design Supports Your Business Plan?

Your design should follow a business plan. If you do not have a business plan, then create one. This plan shows that you have done your research and found out what programs and amenities will be in most demand in your market.

The business plan will also take into account the competition that exists, what they offer, and how your offering will be a competitive advantage.

For renovations, a business plan shows what changes will be made that will be in demand by the marketplace and how space maybe repurposed. 

Third: Branding

The third element for successful design is merchandising and or branding. How effective are you in promoting your facility programs and brand to your community?

Having a good brand and reputation becomes your identity and helps you stand out in your area. Branding also creates awareness and this will help potential members learn about your services and programs. 

In a post-COVID world, health club design is more essential than ever. To learn more about our services click here.

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